Guyana Timber Exhibition May 18-20th 2018


  1. To demonstrate the forest sector’s ability to reliably supply quality lumber and wood products comparative to imported timber
  2. To showcase comparative properties of Lesser Used Species (LUS) with high-value commercial species
  3. To create an environment where buyers and suppliers can engage directly in trade of dimensional lumber.

Brief on GTE2018

In August 2017 the local timber industry, represented by the Forest Products Association (FPA), the Guyana Manufacturers and Services Association (GMSA) and other key stakeholder representatives in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR), Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) and Forest Products Development and Marketing Council Guyana Inc. strengthened collaboration to further promote the use of local timber products on the local market.

The Guyana Timber Exposition (GTE) will be one of the largest events held nationally representing timber producers of primary, secondary and of valued added timber products. This public- private partnership event, which showcases locally sourced and produced timber products and services will seek to promote the expansion and synergies of domestic and international markets. The GTE is opportune since Guyana is about to sign an international trade Agreement with the European Union to gain a greater market access for it’s legally and sustainably sourced timber products. Guyana maximizes on this opportunity to showcase its unique niche products of legally and sustainably harvested timber in the international arena.

The GTE2018 is a significant undertaking by the government and private sector, which will impact many other sectors as it seeks to break trade barriers and encourage new trade in timber products.

This premier exposition offers the local timber sector the opportunity to meet, network and negotiate with international companies and investors, expand species utilization, as well as showcase their skills, talents and creative works.

GTE2018 provides a platform for both local and foreign businesses to interact with concessionaires, sawmillers, lumberyard dealers, value-added manufacturers, exporters, shippers, brokers etc. as well as key government agencies who are integrally involved in the business sector. This ideal setting provides the opportunity for businesses to increase their competitiveness and efficiency as well as foster growth. The GTE2018 Planning Committee under the stewardship of the Honourable Minister Raphael Trotman M.P. in collaboration with key government agencies and private sector stakeholders have established a plan of action which will result in GTE2018 being successful.

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