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  1. Company Logo: 

Company Name: Barama Company Ltd.

Address: Land of Caanon East Bank Demerara

Tel: 592-225-4555, 592-227-4130
Fax: 592-266-5634

About company

Barama Company Limited is the leading forest resource and wood products company in Guyana. Our core business includes the sale of hardwood logs and sawn timber and the manufacturing of plywood, decking and flooring products.

Products sold:  Forestry Plywood & Sawn Lumber
Contact Persons: Mr. Clement Ooi – CEO
Mr. Mohindra Chand- Head Corporate Affairs

Company Logo:

Company Name: Bulkan Timber Works

Address: 65 Bel Air Estate Georgetown, Guyana
Tel: 592-261-3391
Fax: 592-225-7619, 261-3385

About company

Bulkan Timber Works Inc. (BTW) is a fully integrated timber company, operating in Guyana, South America since 1997. BTW harvests all of its timber supplies from its own forest concession located at Waraputa on the Essequibo River, sawing tropical hardwood logs into lumber through the use of light-weight mobile mills in the forest, cutting only what is needed for its products and thus leaving all the waste materials at the tree stump to be incorporated naturally into new forest growth. BTW is in the lead to add value to Guyana’s sustainable forestry by kiln-drying, machining building and furniture components from the selected lumber produced in managed forests. Our moulding plant is located at approximately 240km from the concession to where the rough sawn lumber is trucked out for processing.

Products sold: Lumber, Shingles, prefab houses, mouldings, furniture components.
Contact Person: Mr. Howard Bulkan, Managing Director

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Company Name: Cummings Wood Products

Address: 1&2 Public Road Caledonia East Bank Demerara
Tel: 261-6400

About company

Cummings Wood Products (CWP) was founded in 2008 by Andre Cummings and is primarily focused on exporting construction timber and decking to the Caribbean. We export a wide range of dressed hardwood lumber species such as Ipe, Purple Heart, Green Heart, Jatoba (Locust) and Wamara among others. CWP experienced constant growth over the years and has expanded their product lines throughout the Caribbean and United States Markets.

In 2014, our sister company “Floor It” was created to focus on manufacturing, installing and finishing exotic kiln dried hardwood flooring.

We have earned a reputation for premium quality, excellent service and dedication to innovation in the lumber industry in Guyana. We rely on our competent work force, state of the art technology and equipment to produce the finest wood products available in Guyana and the Caribbean at large.

Products sold:

Decking, flooring, moulding, construction timbers of various species. Species available are washiba (ipe) locust (jatoba) tatabu, greenheart, purpleheart, mora kabukalli and other exotic species

Contact persons: Mr. Andre Cummings – Managing Director
Mr. Joshua Cummings – Production Manager

Company Logo: 

Company Name: GUY-AMERICA

Address: 70 Parika, EBE 17 Zeeburg, WCD 165 Mandela Ave

Tel: 592-260-4580


About company

Guy-America has a 60 year experience in businesses in general, but 30 years in the Logging, Sawmilling and furniture industries. We have produced, distribute and retail quality lumber, furniture and moulding country wide. You can depend on our timely shipment, excellent workmanship and the service and attention that comes with being our valued customer.

Because we have our own logs where we do our logging, our own sawmill where cut our own lumber, our own furniture factory where we manufacture our won furniture, that help us to provide a service second to none.

We care about the environment as much as the customer. Our own policy and commitment includes not only producing high quality but to do so while protecting the environment, We find it important to threat the environment with the same respect and care that we

Guy-America uses Greenheart, Purpleheart, Kabukalli, Hubbabballi, Crabwood and other numerous types of hard and soft tropical lumber are all expertly cut and dressed for both the local and foreign markets.
Kiln dried lumber can also be had if requested

Products sold: Furniture, lumber, kiln dried lumber

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Company name: McVantage of Guyana, Inc.
Company motto:  

Address: Block X, Main Road E.B.D Coverden, Guyana, South America
Telephone: 261-5042


About company

We specialize in wood product manufacturing including pallets, pallet lumber, grade hardwoods and exotic lumber species. The companies supply grade hardwood, pallet lumber (cutstock), dunnage as well as a full line of pallet products and services such as custom pallets, recycled pallets, “combo” pallets, skids, crates, boxes and scrap removal services. The international areas are involved in exotic tropical hardwoods, bio-fuels, and business advisory and management services in developing markets.

Products sold: wood pallets and supplier of specialty hardwood lumber and exotic woods

11. Company Name:  Shivrattan Moulding Est.

Address: 9B Kersaint Park La Bonne Intention, East Coast Demerara

Tel: 220 3833

Products sold: Furniture


Address: 15 Coldingen ECD

Tel: 270-4692

Products sold: Furniture

 Company Name: Woodtech Lumberyard

Address: 18, section x, Cove and John E.C.D,

Tel: 619-4712, 662 – 8877


About company

Wood-tech lumberyard (WTL) was established in2008, starting with buying and selling rough and dressed lumber for local consumption. In 2010, we saw the opportunity to export round logs to china and seized to do so and continuing to date. With continue persistent to gain access to our own state forest we have managed to capture over 20,000 acres of tropical forested state land, practising sustainable harvesting. With our vision in mind, we have moved fully into downstream processing in 2013 producing competitive products on the local and export market. It is essential for the full utilisation of the forest resource, to maintain the option of log export in order to realise the maximum return and fully utilized the available merchantable tree species.

Products sold: Lumber, logs, groove and tongue, lap edge, channel, hewn square

Company logo: 

Company Name: Specialized Timber Services (STS)

Address: 75 Ireng Place, Bel Air Park, Georgetown,

Tel: +592-223-2645
Mobile: +592-667-7871

About Company

Specialized Timber Services is a leading exporter of Guyanese tropical timbers with a focus on sustainability, consistency, quality and reliability.

We are a relatively new company established by a couple of entrepreneurs who have a combined experience of over 30 years in the timber industry here in Guyana. Over the years, we as individuals have helped a number of companies and we realized that there was an opportunity to develop a new model of timber business here through greater involvement with customers and certification.

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable management of the  forest resources is evident in our certification to FSC™ CoC standards, FSC™  Trademark License code FSC-C127875, by Certifying Body SCS Global of the USA. Ask us about our FSC™ certified products.

Specialized Timber Services has also further developed its own due diligence systems to evaluate risk of suppliers and traceability along the supply chain. The verification of all suppliers is undertaken by a 3rd-party consultancy firm to ensure that all sources are legal and sustainable.

Our business model uses consolidation of log supply from different forest concessions to ensure consistent supply of raw material throughout the year and for different species. We are therefore excellently positioned to quickly respond and supply competitively most specific orders.

Products sold

Sawn timber, piling in greenheart, purpleheart, kabukalli, mora, wallaba, crab wood etc.

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