70 Parika, EBE

17 Zeeburg, WCD

165 Mandela Ave

Tel: 592-260-4580


About company

Guy-America has a 60 year experience in businesses in general, but 30 years in the Logging, Sawmilling and furniture industries. We have produced, distribute and retail quality lumber, furniture and moulding country wide. You can depend on our timely shipment, excellent workmanship and the service and attention that comes with being our valued customer.

Because we have our own logs where we do our logging, our own sawmill where cut our own lumber, our own furniture factory where we manufacture our won furniture, that help us to provide a service second to none.

We care about the environment as much as the customer. Our own policy and commitment includes not only producing high quality but to do so while protecting the environment, We find it important to threat the environment with the same respect and care that we

Guy-America uses Greenheart, Purpleheart, Kabukalli, Hubbabballi, Crabwood and other numerous types of hard and soft tropical lumber are all expertly cut and dressed for both the local and foreign markets.
Kiln dried lumber can also be had if requested

Products sold: Furniture, lumber, kiln dried lumber

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