Woodtech Lumberyard

18, section x, Cove and John E.C.D,
Tel: 619-4712, 662 – 8877
Email: woodtechindustry@hotmail.com

About company

Wood-tech lumberyard (WTL) was established in2008, starting with buying and selling rough and dressed lumber for local consumption. In 2010, we saw the opportunity to export round logs to china and seized to do so and continuing to date. With continue persistent to gain access to our own state forest we have managed to capture over 20,000 acres of tropical forested state land, practising sustainable harvesting. With our vision in mind, we have moved fully into downstream processing in 2013 producing competitive products on the local and export market. It is essential for the full utilisation of the forest resource, to maintain the option of log export in order to realise the maximum return and fully utilized the available merchantable tree species.

Products sold: Lumber, logs, groove and tongue, lap edge, channel, hewn square

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